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Tired of the problem, socks are constantly torn on your fingers?-31
Often happens when you just put on a new pair and visit your friends, you will slip off, and there is not a pleasant surprise. This can happen for several reasons. The reason we all sometimes forget...
Care designer socks-29
Why do not you need to tie socks to the knot?How to store socks affects your life?How to fold socks so that they occupy little space?Look for the answer in our article .....
About us



Work will take away a large part of your life, and the only way to enjoy it is to believe that you are doing a great job. And the only way to do something good is to truly love what you do. We know that we make a good, high-quality product. It inspired us the idea to create a online store where you can buy socks from the manufacturer, at competitive prices.

Socks is a very simple and uncomplicated piece of clothing, but we need them always and everywhere. You will have to wear them, both at work and at a business meeting, at a dinner party, for playing sports and even just for a walk. Moreover, current fashion trends allow you to wear socks even for women's high heel shoes. Previously, such a gesture caused misunderstanding and laughter.

V&TSocks is a manufacturer of socks for children, men and women. Ukrainian factory with a completely full range of socks for any color, size, season and wallet. We select our products wary careful.

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